Thursday, June 15, 2006

Welcome to the new home of One Small Thing

Hi, My name is Ro and I have for almost a year now, run a website called One Small Before that I ran a little group called Project Sherwood Forest, and have published several crochet patterns on the web on these websites.

Due to the ever-rising cost of, well, everything, I am letting the domain name and website hosting service go in favor of posting things to Blogger. It won't be as glamorous as it has been, but this is what the times demand. Simplicity and downsizing.

Hopefully this will still allow people to find my patterns (and contact me if they have questions) and will allow me to undertake charity projects as I am inspired to do so.

I will start by posting the patterns and go from there, please be patient as it will take me some time to build up this blog to do as much as possible of the work that the old host did.

Be well and keep crocheting!