Thursday, June 15, 2006

Micro Preemie Bonnet Pattern

"I loved you from the first" Micro Preemie Bonnet Pattern

I have been told that requests have been made for hats small enough to fit premature infants with heads the size of a golf ball. Sadly, we know that babies born this small just cannot survive, but that doesn't stop me from honoring their lives and families by designing hats for them to wear when they are presented to their parents. The name of the bonnet signifies how a parent loves their baby from the moment they find out that it's expected, long before it is born.
I will soon be making a small crocheted model for these and taking new pictures, until then, please bear with the photos on the patterns.
Materials Needed:
Lion Brand Microspun Yarn in white or your choice of color
Size E Crochet hook
Yarn needle
Stitch Marker
Small amount of ribbon
Rnd 1. Ch 3. sc 6 times in third ch from hook, join. Mark end of round with stitch marker.
Rnd 2. 2 sc in each st around; 12 sc total.
Rnd 3. 2 sc in each st around, do not join. 24 sc total.
Rnd 4. sc in each st around, do not join. 24 sc total.
This is where you stop working in complete rounds to construct the rest of the hat, please follow directions carefully.
Row 5. sc in next 17 sts, sl st in 18th sc. Ch 2, turn.
Row 6. Dc in next 18 sts. Ch 3, turn.
Row 7. Dc in next 18 sts. Ch 1, turn.
Row 8. Work 2 sc in each of next 18 dcs across brim of bonnet. Finish off, weave in ends.
To make chin tie, loop ribbon through loop at ends of row 6. Tie in bow. If desired you can add sewn on beading, bows, or flowers.
Note: To make a slightly larger bonnet as shown below on model of a baby approximately 16 weeks gestation*, you can add another round of scs between rows 4 and 5 and another row of dc between rows 7 and 8. Then finish by working sc across row 8, then continue to trim by working 2 sc in each dc on the side of the hat, one sc in each sc of bottom of bonnet, two sc in each dc on opposite side of hat, then finish off and weave in ends.

This pattern may be used and distributed only to make hats for charity or gifts. For any other use, contact me for permission. Please do not reproduce this pattern or copy on other websites, linking is happily allowed.)
©Ro C. 4-17-05
*Thank you to Sandy Eding, the incredible artist who made me this beautiful preemie doll in memory of the babies that I lost. I will treasure her always, Sandy, thank you