Thursday, June 15, 2006

Quick and Cute Toddler Butterfly Blanket

This travel sized, toddler "comfort" blanket works up quick and soft using a P hook and double yarn strand.

Materials needed to make blanket as shown:
P hook
For Body:
1 skein of TLC Lustre in white, divide into two balls.
For Wings:
3 skeins of Caron Wintuk yarn. (Divide last skein into two balls so you can work with two strands) You can substitute any worsted weight yarn of your choice. Finished measurements will vary depending on yarn used.

Blanket size as shown:
Body length: without optional antennae: 17"
Wing height: 24"
Wing width (widest point) 26"
Center wing width: 24"

The doll shown holding the blanket below is 22" tall.

Rnd 1. With P hook and two strands of body color yarn held together, ch 31. Sc in second ch from hook. Sc in each sc to end of row, 29scs. In sc at end of row, (30th ch) work 3 scs. Work sc in each free loop of chains back up the opposite side of starting chain. 3 sc in last ch at end.

Rnd 2. Sc in each sc of previous row up to the end. Work 3 scs in last sc of row. Work sc up opposite side, 3 sc's in last sc of row.

Rnd 3. Continue with pattern of sc's up side of body in this manner, now adding 2 scs to each of the last 3 sc's at the end of the body. Work sc's back up opposite side of body, putting 2 sc's in each of last 3scs at opposite end as well. Continue until body is the size you desire; for a snuggle size travel blankie, I end here and finish off the body.

For Wings:

Row 1, Approximately 6 st's from top of head (eyeball to determine where you want to start your wings) Join 2 strands of contrasting color of your choice. Ch 5, then dc in same st: this forms your first V stitch. *Sk next sc, work V st (dc, ch 2, dc) in next sc*. Repeat from * to * leaving last 6 or so sc's of row unworked. Ch 5, turn. (15 v sts)

Rows 2-4: Dc in same st to form first V st of next row. Work V st in each V st across, ch 5, turn.

Rows 5-10: Dc in same st to form first V st of row. Work V st in next 6 V sts. Sc in next V st; work V st in last 7 V sts. Ch 5, turn. (14 V sts, 1 sc)

Row 11: Dc in same st to form first V st. Work V st in next 6 V sts; sl st in center sc: Work V st in remaining V sts. (14 V sts, 1 sl st)

Row 12: Dc in same st to form first V st. Work V st in each V st, sl st in center sl st. (14 V sts, 1 sl st.)

Repeat row 12 until your wing is desired width. (For a travel sized blankie, I like to make each wing 12 rows). At end of last row, finish off.
Starting at opposite end of body (with right side still facing), duplicate wing pattern on opposite side of body to make second wing.

Embellish as you like, with crocheted antennae, embroidered eyes (Take care NOT to use buttons or trims that may pose a serious choking hazard!) You can use any variation of colors and yarns that you like to personalize the butterfly for the child who is to receive it.

Pattern can be enlarged to any size you wish by continuing rows of body and wings until you achieve the desired size. Also, if you're making the pattern for an older girl, you can use a smaller sized hook and single skein of yarn to make a lighter weight afghan with finer detail, though doing so makes the pattern a lot more labor intensive.
I have gotten lots of email asking if this is a suitable baby shower gift, I would have to say that as it's written it's not intended as a baby blanket. You would need to modify the pattern using a smaller hook/more rows if you're planning to make this as a baby gift, so the holes won't catch little newborn fingers and toes in them. I hope to work on a more 'baby friendly' version of this cuddle blanket in the very near future.
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